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My Desire To Set Up The Learning Centre

My birth place is Uduppiddy, Jaffna, SriLanka. I did my schooling at Uduppiddy American Mission College (UAMC) & at Thellippalai Mahajana College before moving to the UK to pursue my tertiary education. I completed an honours degree in Mechanical Engineering at The City University, London, UK, and subsequently took up residency in the UK. I am currently working for the Department for Transport in the Information and Security Division (UK Government).

During one of my visits to Srilanka in 2004 I gave a PC to my nephew. I was very impressed by the way my sibling’s children made use of that Pentium 3 computer so I started taking computers with me whenever I visited SriLanka. I also noticed that there isn’t any (or adequate) facility for local children to learn IT & IT was not part of the school curriculum.

I thought the only way to help our local children to learn IT was providing an IT learning centre. It took few years to build ULC (Uduppiddy Learning Centre) & it was opened on 19th June 2011

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