About Me

The main purpose of starting ULC is to help the underprivileged students and give them the opportunity to learn computer skills. ULC is a non-profit organisation.

IT skills are becoming increasingly important and have become a necessity in every day life. Computers have also become easier to use in many ways. Play Valorant & Earn Money | Download BUFF & Collect Buff Coins

MS Word helps you to type letters fast & without any spelling mistakes. MS Excel helps you to manage your finances more effectively & accurately. At ULC we use MS Access database to maintain our student’s records.

You can also save money by using (Skype) internet phone service to communicate with your friends & relatives abroad. It also allows you to communicate face to face with your loved ones & watch live events such as weddings.

Today it’s clearly evident how much technology can do in one’s life. You can use your computer to manage your whole life including your finances, your calendar, and your entertainment (MP3 songs, Videos).

Knowing how to use IT can add tremendous richness to your life, but if you lack the IT skills, you’ll probably be left behind in your society and find it difficult to gain this later in a reasonable amount of time.

Whenever you want to know something you can go online and source the information in seconds. Sites like Google and Wikipedia, truly place information at your fingertips, but it still takes a bit of technical skill to craft intelligent queries when you’re searching for something obscure. We teach these skills at ULC.

Competence builds confidence. As you develop your IT skills, you’ll feel more comfortable with all forms of technology. This will encourage you to branch out and leverage technology even more.

You can listen to audio books or music on your MP3 player, take pictures with your digital camera and send them to anyone anywhere in the world instantly. You’ll feel in control of technology instead of being intimidated by it.

When you have computer skills, you can research, communicate, and socialize (e.g. Facebook) more effectively. The more technical experience you gain, the faster you’ll adapt to new technology.

Like it or not, strong IT skills are of major importance today. Don’t let yourself be caught on the wrong side of the technology fence.

I believe that in the future, you will have to be computer literate, or you will not be able to function, and you will be left out of everything.

We provide the children at ULC the necessary computer skills and IT courses free of charge for children under 12.

Owning a computer is a necessity and not a luxury.

Sellar Eliyathamby Jeyakumar
Please email your comments to: ukboss@hotmail.com